Seaweed is good for many things, curbing your hunger and cravings for raw fish, making beaches look gross when it washes up on the shore, and taking care of your skin with seaweed wraps. Putting seaweed all over your body is said to help eliminate toxins, like the ones you consumed with your Big Mac and fries for lunch.

Skinny on Slim Seaweed wraps for skincare

Seaweed Wraps Process

In case you don’t feel gross enough already, go to your local spa to be covered in slimy and smelly seaweed to increase your skincare regimen. You will be covered in a special thick paste made of seaweed and other things that smell like the nasty garbage can in your garage the morning before the trash goes out, then covered in a warm blanket like a mummy. While you lie there feeling like King Tut himself, all of the “beneficial” aspects of the seaweed wraps take care of your skin.

skinny on slim seaweed wraps

So what exactly goes into a seaweed wrap besides seaweed? The list is long… and smelly. Anything can be included, from clay, oil, and even algae! Yup, that gross green and brown stuff that grows on the inside of fish tanks and floats on top of water. Very appetizing.

skinny on slim seaweed algae


Many people believe that seaweed wraps can help reduce cellulite, improve your body shape and remove excess skin, but in reality, it’s probably not the seaweed that causes this, but the excessive sweating that you will do while covered in a hot slimy material for over an hour and the intense exfoliation scrub afterwards!  

If that’s not enough seaweed for you, have some sushi for lunch. It’s high in vitamins, minerals like zinc, calcium, vitamins A, E, and C, protein, and ocean deliciousness, and is all the rage now.

skinny on slim sushi seaweed wraps