Stubborn Belly Fat Getting You Down?

Summer is just around the corner and there’s no way you’re going to the beach covered up… again. For the 10th summer in a row. You’ve got abs, you know you do, you can feel ‘em! If only that bit of stubborn belly fat would get out of the way, you’d be back to the 6-pack you almost had in college if you hadn’t consumed one too many 6 packs. So here are the top 6 ways to get rid of it!


Diet! So you’ve tried the South Beach diet, the starve-yourself-until-you-pass-out diet (here’s to looking at you, Mama June), and Jenny Craig, but according to all of the “best ways to lose stubborn fat” articles, you haven’t tried the best and most effective diet yet: the protein-vinegar diet. Research shows there is a CHANCE eating more protein MAY help you protect your body against more insulin, which COULD be a contributing factor to stubborn fat. So much correlation, so little time. So what about the vinegar? Some people believe the acetic acid in vinegar negates fat, so go for it, a spoonful of vinegar helps the fat go down.


The Skinny On Slim Vinegar Stubborn Belly Fat



Crunches. And more. Crunches. Just when you think you can’t do any more, keep doing ‘em. Then do the EXACT same thing the next day, because whoever said variety is the spice of life never did a crunch.

the Skinny on Slim crunches stubborn belly fat



You know what’s great at getting rid of stubborn belly fat? Shoving the largest needle you’ve ever seen in your skin and just sucking it out, lipo-style. When liposuction is the new black, you’ve got to keep up with the Kardashian’s, if only you were paid like one to look like one.


Side Plank

Do them in between crunches, at your lunch break, at the mall, when you cook, and when you sleep. Living life in a plank today will ensure you have the body you want by summer, or your money back.

the Skinny on Slim planking stubborn belly fat


Ultrasound Waves

Instead of trying to work it off, baby it. Nothing like sending ultrasound waves straight at your stomach to see your food baby. Ultrashape is more than willing to help you with that, but break up your fat? We don’t believe it. If it doesn’t hurt a baby, it won’t hurt your fat.

the skinny on slim food baby ultrashape ultrasound stubborn belly fat


Freeze it Off

Head back to winter and freeze it off. Wait, what? Yup, this is a thing. When eating steak and more crunches than you can count aren’t doing it for you, people freeze their fat with CoolSculpting. Freezing your fat to death is faster than a million crunches, right?

When All Else Fails…

Go with what ya got and own it! Own it all day. 


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